Checkbox shown on all items in Overview page

In the Web Application, checkboxes are shown on every item in the Overview page, even when there is no checkmark attribute in the folder. It is not clear why this is added to every item regardless of whether it has a checkmark attribute or not. For example, the Bug Tracker template does not contain a checkbox attribute, but it is present in the overview (see attached image).


Hey @mike.shappell,

This is what I have


You probably have a ‘Checkbox’ in some other folder, besides ‘Bug tracking’.

I’ve intentionally included ‘Customize’ in which you can simply hide the ‘Checkbox’ attribute from the Overview.

Do you believe that would help?

There is a checkbox in a different folder and I would expect that to show for that specific folder, but not apply across all folders. I don’t want to hide the checkbox in the folder that has it. For that specific folder it makes sense. It is the fact that one folder having a checkbox means all folder show one that is broken, in my opinion.

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Unless a folder’s been created via duplication or is a template that already contains specific attributes, attributes from other folders within a board shouldn’t automatically appear in the view(s) of a newly created board.

You can use “Customize” to hide the Checkbox attribute from the whichever view(s) of a folder you don’t want it to show in. You can also go to a folder’s settings, click on Checkbox attribute’s 3-dot menu, where you can choose to edit the attribute’s settings, remove it from that folder only, or delete it from the whole board.

@chrish, the folder does not have a checkbox. That is the issue. It still shows a checkbox in the overview view though. The problem is that if any folder in the board has a checkbox that is visible, then all of the folders show a checkbox. Only the folders that have a checkbox should show that field in the overview.

Hmmm. Did you try using “Customize” in the Overview folder to hide Checkbox from view?

Edit: I see…the problem with hiding it is that if you hide it from the view in Overview, then you it won’t show for folders where Checkbox is intentionally in use.

@chrish, that is exactly it. Also, if I hide it from overview, it disappears from the overview folders where it was supposed to be as well. Both unwanted outcomes.

Correct, that’s actually what I meant to articulate.

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