Checkboxes on Calendar View


It would be sweet to have checkboxes on the calendar view, to know which items I have/have not completed.

That’s all. :slight_smile:

You can always create an attribute using color labels and organize your calendar around it

The attached pic is how my calendar looks… Green means completed


That is very nice! @coa should include this in some of the template ideas (if it hasn’t already been done)

It would work, but I have a calendar that currently includes multiple subfolders, and the calendar only allows color sorting by the current folder the calendar is listed on… so maybe that’s a second request? Allow me to change calendar item colors by labels that only are currently used in subfolders?

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Thanks for the idea, @yago! I really like it.

@BaiJie, I can add both suggestions to the queue, but looking at the current plan, this might receive low-to-medium priority, and that most likely, the first suggestion will be implemented sooner than later.

I agree that there are MUCH more important topics right now. I’ve found a method that works for me, but I figure putting the ideas here is important, just even to get them out for other ideas to circulate.

Having the public board would make sense in this kind of situation too, where it could be added on as a suggestion, and not lost in the crowd of comments and posts that we see here in the community.

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