Checklist Progress Bar on Card

It would be nifty to be able to see the checklist progress bar (preferably without showing the individual checklist items) on the card when it is “closed”. Or, in table view, to see the percent complete in a cell.

Hi @lcarlson Welcome to the community :+1: :partying_face:

Thank you for your suggestions, we’ve had similar ones suggested to us before, here’s one that you can vote for and potentially add to its importance.

I would also like to mention progress bars that we currently have in infinity:

We do have two different progress bars in Infinity, one comes with the checklist, which is visible only when the item is opened (expanded). Checklist progress bar is automatic, so whenever you “check” something off the progress bar updates. This one cannot be visible anywhere else besides there.

However, we do have a “progress” bar as an attribute on its own - which is manual and visible in some other views - in the table cell or when the item is shown as a card (column view). As it is not an automatic one. This one could potentially help you in this case, but it will have to be updated manually.

Once again thank you for the suggestion @lcarlson :pray:

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