Checklists are not interacting properly


I am able to move items from one checklist to another, but there is a bug and they do not stay and disappear completely.

For the best explanation, I have compiled a video for you to understand my exact use case and see 1st hand what is happening. (click on watch in loom to view full screen)

Thank you for your time and consideration.
I hope this can be sorted
Regards derrick



Hi @Derrick, thank you for the video, that really helps us understand the issue. :slight_smile:

I have just reported the bug to our dev team and forwarded your video, so they can check it out and see when they can add it to their schedule. I’ll keep you posted when I get some news from them.



Hi @Derrick, I have somewhat bad news regarding this issue.

I have spoken to our product manager and she explained to me why the issue is happening.

She told me that moving checklist items from one checklist to another isn’t actually supposed to be possible for now. But on the frontend, this is not regulated, so it actually appears possible. But once you try to drag and drop, the request is not sent to the server so your checklists are back to where they were after the refresh.

Considering this, she has confirmed that this is an issue that could confuse the users and we’ll fix it in the future, but it has to be postponed for now due to other priorities that our dev team has at the moment.

Sorry to disappoint you. :confused:



I do hope this can be sorted soon, as this is a feature I used a lot in Trello.
Vivaldi offers a lot more options, though it just feels broken when things like this don’t work.