Choose which attribute is shown in calendar view

Hi All

We’ve been experimenting with Infinity now for a bit and are almost ready to move to production. We will use it to manage our project planning & resource planning.

We’ve made a bunch of data points which are all working together nicely, now i’m stumbling upon one last thing. The calendar view shows the data with one attribute in the “block”, let’s call this block the title. This title block carries too little information for us (example, only task name). I’ve made a calculated field that carries all the information that i would like to see here, however i can’t seem to find a way to set that this field is shown in the calendar view “block”. Didn’t find any other questions about this either.

Hope there’s a way that we can still do this, otherwise it’s a dealbreaker for us as the planning through agenda is crucial and can’t be done this way…

Some screenshots:

Thanks in advance!

Hello Lennert, welcome to the Infinity family!

Only views with the “Customize” option allow you to select which attributes show in the overview for that view type. Those are Table, Columns, and List view types.

The Calendar view only provides an option to show the primary (Title) attribute. The workarounds would be to either put more information in that attribute (which might not be ideal depending on the info you are looking to show) or to use one of the other views such as Columns (kanban) and sort into dates.

Neither of these may be ideal for what you are wanting to do, but if you think about other calendars (Google, Outlook, Apple) it is similar, the main calendar view only shows the title or title time+date and location. But you must open the appointment itself in order to see the other details.

For my purposes, I use Calendar as a quick overview/peek at saturation and I use the Column view filtered for current work period (day, week, month, phase, sprint, whatever…)

Not the answer you wanted probably, but maybe it provided some insight.

I went ahead and requested this feature on the Roadmap request form but again, referencing how other calendars function I’m not sure how feasible or practical that is. You can upvote it or add your comments for that feature request here: