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Infinity definitely needs a chrome extension for collecting data and information as well as create take, this and notes. All the great as have this feature; Notion, Evernote, Milanote, ClickUp, Trello…

This is a critical feature for productivity.

Hey @infinity.justs,

Chrome extension(s) is definitely a must.

With everything that’s on the plate right now, I think it might become a bigger priority after the advanced permissions&roles, public/shareable boards, and new board/workspace settings.

Here’s a request for me: For anyone that visits this topic, feel free to share your vision of how Infinity Chrome extension should work. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance, and of course, thank you @infinity.justs for being as awesome as ever :slight_smile:


Ideally it would be very similar to Evernote web clipper -

or Onedrive clipper -


  1. Make a bookmark of the page, or
  2. Make a PDF copy of the entire page, or
  3. Make a copy of a selected image, or
  4. Copy the selected text

and select using an extension pop-up, which folder/task/field/comment to add it to.


+1 for the implementation @iain described. With a special emphasis on a pop-up that allows a choice of which workspace/board/folder/item to place it in.


Thank you very much for defining this feature, @iain!

I’ve pasted your suggestion into a ticket and let the tech team know the idea. I think suggestions like these (really well described) is a great help for our team :slight_smile:

Also, I think we might focus on this in late Q1, or Q2.



Wonder if its possible for them to piggy back trello extensions, or get the developers of those apps to re-code and issue one for that, as they use similar data/needs etc.

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Hello @document.control, welcome to the forum!

The web clipper is actually on our roadmap, in the Planning section for now, you can vote for it over here. :slight_smile:

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I spoke with Marat Dospolov about replicating the Trello Bookmark extension for Infinity. Unfortunately, this is not going to be possible for any third party dev unless Infinity’s API is open and available

@Jovana Zorić @Stefan @Aleksandar Dimitrijević if you are interested in an introduction to Marat, let me know. He does great work and may be open to assisting Infinity with developing a clipper. He’s located in Ukraine.


Thanks @infinity.justs
We’d love to discuss it once we open the API.
I’ll ping you on Facebook for details.

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Still no Chrome Extension?

It’s kind of ridiculous that Infinity is missing such basic and essential features in a year almost 2022. People are colonizing Mars already and I cannot just right-click on an extension and add my task, but I have to tediously enter the slow loading Workspace, navigate to my board, then to my folder, create a task, and so on.

This must be addressed immediately. It’s kind of ridiculous that this is a feature request for almost 3 years now.

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For anyone watching this thread, the browser extension is 5th on the “Planning” list. I don’t know what that means in terms of development schedule (@coa @Jovana) but certainly doesn’t hurt to upvote this feature if it is important to you. For me, it is the only thing that keeps me from using Infinity for everything I do. Someday. :slight_smile:

UPVOTE HERE :point_down: