Clear attributes in items - to reset a list

Would like to be able to clear an entire column / attribute to reset a list. Simple example, would be a grocery list. After going shopping and checking off the items purchased. I’d like to quickly clear the purchased, quantity, who columns. So we can start another blank list for subsequent weeks.

Hi Ron and Welcome to the community!

That’s a good idea imo.
For now you could duplicate the board without items and delete it or archive the old one.

Btw be sure to also add your suggestions to the roadmap.

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Hi @ron, thanks for the idea!

For the Grocery List template, I would definitely suggest considering @micck’s suggestion as well, I would probably do something similar.

This is a simple template with one folder so you can treat folders as ‘disposable’ - use one folder for, let’s say ‘Grocery List - February 15 - 21’ and then just duplicate it without items for each following week. Once you’re done with your shopping for one week, just delete the folder you don’t need anymore and move on to creating the list for next week. You will already have all the fields you need, you’ll just need to add the groceries to the list. :slight_smile: