Click and drag to pan accross boards

On a larger board, where the width goes past the range of a single screen, a horizontal scroll bar appears to navigate to items that are on the far reaches of the screen. In some other software the user is able to ‘click and drag’ to pan anywhere on the screen rather than having to find the scroll bar at the bottom.

Its a small detail but makes navigation on a larger board a little easier.

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I always use shift and the mouse wheel to scroll horizontally, but I´m on a mac and don’t know if it works on windows, etc., too.

Firstly shift and a mouse does work, but this is a major bug for those used to working with a mouse rather than a keyboard shortcut.
I would really like this fixed. Somehow Trello gets this right,

The other major problem is dragging things to a column off-screen does not scroll it either and usually the item you are trying to drag just gets dropped or you have to drag it to the last column onscreen, then scroll over and drag again. hmmph not exactly much fun.

In a table I just discovered you dont have to do this with attribute columns as you can open customise and rearange that way, whic is better but only works for this one use case.

Hi @jboven, welcome to the community! Indeed, this is a problem and we’re planning to address it in the future. It has been suggested by several users so far so we are keeping it in mind.

Now, regarding some workarounds, @micck and @Derrick gave some good solutions you can try. Mac users can also use the ‘two-finger’ scroll by sliding two fingers on the touchpad (there is probably a better way to name this :sweat_smile:).

I just want to mention that you can use Customize to rearrange your attributes if you need to, like Derrick mentioned. But if you need to for example move an item from one column to another which is a bit farther away, you can also open that item and just change the label directly in there.

For example - if I have my columns grouped by label Status and I need to move something from ‘To Do’ to ‘Completed’ I can also open that item/task and just change its Status to ‘Completed’ - it will automatically be moved to that column as well.

That’s of course not removing the issue itself, but it’s a workaround for the time being. Hope it helps!

@ Jovana
DRAG Labels to affect Columns.
Perhaps this suggestion will help people rearrange columns easily instead of having to scroll endlessly, find the column and drag it into position.

Just as in the customizer for tables dragging the attributes changes the order.
Perhaps in the attribute settings this behaviour too can be added.

Dragging the label order can also change the column order.

With the option to set as default for all instances or just the current view.
Therefore changing the order here can also change the default label order everywhere for that attribute, if desired.

It seems so logical, and perhaps it can be a quick fix too.
I still find this quite frustrating as every time you set a new column view
the labels are never in the order you require and it takes a good deal of time to sort.