Click on Gantt view creates item too easily but does not delete cards without a 'name'


Items are easily unwillingly created a soon as you click some where on the Gantt view. In the documentation it is stated ‘you have to give the item a name’. But if you don’t the items is not removed automatically. So I endup with a lot of empty items in my folders.



Hi @ton :wave:

Yes, I agree with you on this one, its also much harder to “accidentally” create an item in our calendar view, as in our calendar view you have to click on the plus sign, while in Gantt chart you simply click and the item is created (unnamed, if you keep on clicking).

I will forward this to our team, I’ll also create an internal ticket for this - just so that our team can be aware of it and potentially fix it in the future.

Thank you for bringing this up @ton, we appreciate it :pray: