Clockify Projects

I’m just having a look at the clockify integration and wondering if there’s a way link an infinity project with a clockify project?
it seems that every time you start the timer from an infinity item you need to then link it to an existing clockify project or create a new one.

is this correct??

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Hello @finnmcm! Welcome to the community!

I’m afraid that Clockify projects function separately from Infinity. Meaning that you can create your set of projects in Clockify and then whenever you clock a certain task in Infinity, you can just select the project from the list in your Clockify extension and that’s it.

Hope that can work! :slight_smile:

hi @Jovana

I think I’ll see what other options are out there then for timekeeping

thanks so much for your reply :blush:

In terms of direct integration, you won’t find a better solution than Clockify. I researched more than 60 options before settlng on Clockify and suggesting to the Infinity team that they add it as an option.

If you are initiating the timer from within the project, it is very easy to match up the project within the timer to the project in Infinity. In fact, Clockify is one of, if not, the best tool for this scenario.

If you are trying to achieve an automation (e.g. create a project in Clockify automatically when it is created in Infinity or vice versa) I don’t think you will find anything that does that natively. Perhaps it could be done with Zapier? I haven’t tried that but maybe I’ll give it a go.

When/if Infinity supports webhooks or opens their API the opportunities will likely open up. @Jovana :point_left::wink::crossed_fingers:

In the meantime, if you’d like help leveraging Clockify I’d be happy to help.

Hi, I’d love to see what’s the best workflow to integrate projects from infinity within Clockify
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@mikolaj.wiewiora, sorry for the late reply, you may have already figured this out but here is how Clockify works in Infinity. I’ll leave it here in case someone else stumbles upon this thread with the same question.