Clunky Loading for Shared Custom Templates


I shared a fairly large template (but by no means my largest board) with someone and got this back from them:

  • I had trouble loading it. Is this an Infinity problem? Or a size problem?
    • First Attempt: Firefox hung up while trying to load from link. (I wasn’t logged in to Infinity so not sure if that was an issue.)
    • Second Attempt: After restarting Firefox and logging into Infinity, I tried again and it loaded fairly quickly. I chose to ‘Preview’ the template and was able to read through the first three cards in the About section before Infinity told me “something went wrong”.
    • Third Attempt: This time I chose to ‘Load this Template’. The process was very clunky and I wasn’t sure it even worked until I flipped back over to my dashboard and saw the newly created board in my list of Boards. Anyway, it worked and I now had a new board with your set up.

I’m not sure how much of this is a “bug”, how much is just slow performance, and how much is because custom templates are a new thing and any wrinkles haven’t been ironed out yet.

Has anyone else had issues with loading/sharing custom templates?



Hi @jozii89

So sorry to hear that your colleague is experiencing these issues, could you perhaps tells us if he tried to load that specific template using another browser - like Chrome, Safari or maybe even Brave browser?

Also, would you be able to tell us exactly when this happened, was it a week ago, this weekend or some time else?

I have personally tested this, I have saved a template with over 440 items and 33 folders/subfolders and everything worked fine and fairly fast. So, currently I am not completely sure why this might be happening, but with additional information - I’ll definitely be able to investigate this further and maybe narrow down the issue.

Your colleague can also reach us via the live chat option in the bottom right corner of the screen (while in infinity) and share some extra details with us - that will help us get to the bottom of this.