Collection Bucket

Infinity has great promise. The thing it’s missing is integration. But, not just integration with Zapier and the like. But, integration that allows Infinity to be a big collection bucket that I could throw tasks into from everywhere, including:
-by email - email to task AND gmail/GSuite add on
-by bookmarklet or browser app to save web pages
-by linking to files from Dropbox, etc

  • Zapier.

For it to be the one place I rely on it has to collect all the things I have to sort through, act on or store.
Thanks so much for considering these,


Hey @coco and welcome to Infinity community! :slight_smile:

Thanks for putting up that one!

Integrations with other tools are definitely on the menu, and we have big plans for it. Actually, it would be almost exactly as you’ve suggested. We see Infinity as ‘all-in-one’ tool which would do exactly that: merge all tools that people are currently using into one.

Integrations are scheduled for Q1 2019, which is very near Coco :slight_smile:

Stay tuned, and thanks again for opening up this topic!

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since we are close to the end of the Qtr - do we have something on this coming soon

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Hey @autax,

Zapier integration (which will allow integration with other tools, as well) is part of one of the next big releases. Stay tuned! :metal:t4:

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I think Thats great idea and GTD dream come true: tasks/calendar/reference material all in one place.

But I think we might need to wait for it a bit (because task/item management needs some smoothing like better filters, sorting, etc)

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