Column View: Limiting list length

I recently imported a list of drink recipes I had in my Trello, and found that I was a bit overwhelmed with the number of cards with the large images I have on each card (which aren’t necessarily needed, but I’m fond of)

In Trello, each list has a certain height, which I find

  • visually pleasing (everything ends in the same place)
  • convenient for long lists (no scrolling all the way down, and then realizing I’m not in the list I wanted and having to scroll back up)
  • and allows easy access to the new card button (or in this case, the new item button)

It might be a good to have an option where you can set how long you want your lists to be before a scroll bar is added to the column, or an on/off button that would allow you stop your lists from being longer than your browser height.

An alternative I’m using is setting my browser zoom to 50%, and while it’s definitely not a bad look, it doesn’t necessarily seem like something I’d like on every board/folder, or on the homepage (though it might just be the kind of thing I should get used to). Maybe being able to set a font size or column width by folder/board could be good?

Keep doing what you’re doing, I love it so far!

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Hey again @Ivy,

That’s a hell of a good suggestion :slight_smile:

We’ve thought about this ourselves as well, but the thing is we’re aware that the visual interface and performance could be improved.

A plan was to dedicate to that specific case in 2-3 weeks, and we’ll definitely include your suggestion into the backlog of ideas.

I’m glad that you figured out the solution by manipulating the zoom % (that would have been my suggestion for now), but as you said, it’s only a temporary solution.

Thanks again for the amazing idea, @Ivy :slight_smile:

You absolutely rock.

Could this be a configurable item?
I have some lists where I completely agree, each item should be a certain height, because each column starts to get very cumbersome.

There are others though, where I find it very refreshing to be able to see all information at a glance, instead of having to click into each item.

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Hey @BaiJie

It could be possible, yes. You should always be in control of the way you organize data in a certain tool.

So we’re always up for including features which should be customized by our members.

Thanks for taking the time to put up this suggestion!

I just realized the point that @Ivy made… haha yes, each list is scrollable! not the whole page…
My comments are not as applicable as I thought :joy:

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Something you could consider that goes along these lines is a small map that shows an overview of the entire board in one of the corners, and clicking a region would switch over to that section of the board… I’m not sure if I like it or not, but I thought I’d just throw it on here to get the cognitive thought process rolling a little more, even if it is just for me.


Hey @Ivy, @BaiJie, scrollable columns are now implemented :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion


It’s beautiful! Thank you!