Commas in Number Attributes

Is it possible to have an option to add “comma” in the number attributes? When working with number who go million, billion or even the hundred thousand, it’s hard to read.


+1 but please “localize” this as in most parts of Europe we use an other format for thousand separator and decimal seperator:

For example: € 1.000.0000,50 = 1 million euro and 50 cents.


Hey @jeanpierre, @ton!

I think this should also be a quick thing to add :slight_smile:

Thanks for your input. I agree with you.

P.S @ton that’s a great example :money_mouth_face:

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I wonder how can we separate thousands when Integer or Custom format is chosen. There are only US, Euro and Pound currencies available (painfully not sufficient) and we need to be able to separate thousands desperately. Thank you