Comments Date is invalid

I get this for all of my comments:

Yeah, and last week I started to not see my comment (I guess I Noticed it On Tuesday or Wednesday)

Hey guys, thanks for the bug report.

We tried to reproduce it but haven’t be able to do so.

Did you notice what trigger could cause that date went invalid?

(Screenshot from console if there are errors would be super helpful)

It’s fixed :slight_smile: (or it wasn’t really a bug just caching/server issue? i’m a layman)


I’m pretty aggressive with my content blocking… Which one of these would have done it? haha…

Update: I turned all blocking off, and still got the same thing… “Invalid Date”

Update: The data has been preserved, and I can see the dates with no issues on Chrome. Safari is still giving me problems (Even in Incognito), but at least I know the website is saving the data, and showing it correctly through Chrome.

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