Comments on folders

It would be very useful for me if I could leave comments of folders, that I use as projects. Sharing comments with tem members on different project is essential for me. Thank you! :wink:

@stefanow, hi!

We do have Comments on each item for now. (if you open a modal/expand an item, you’ll see ‘Comments’ right next to the attributes).

But you’d want to expand that to ‘per folders’?

I’m going to share this suggestion with the team, but if you have any more details, feel free to share them :slight_smile:


yes, comments on items are great, but… first, you have to go to the single item to see the comments, and, second, I consider necessary to have the possibility to comment on folders (=projects) with all the team.
And it would be excellent to have somewhere on the Dashboard section called: Comments or Discussions


I want to +1 for this idea!

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Yeah, agree with @stefanow on having a dashboard view for comments/discussions. Currently, the comments are hidden way too deep, we might miss something out if we don’t reply immediately and need some time to formulate a response.


or maybe comments only for items and chat (channels) for folder/boards? Wait…, that basically the same… :man_facepalming:

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