Community Forum Redirect Issue

The login session from the Infinity Web Application doesn’t seem to carry-over to the Community Forum. I get asked to login, then get redirected back to the Infinity App, and then get asked to login again when I click on the Community Forum link (i.e. it ends up becoming a never-ending loop). The only way I’m able to successfully login to the forum is by logging out of the Infinity App and then logging into the forum. When I do this it redirects me to the Community Forum, instead of redirecting me to the app.

hey @smiklakhani!

We’ve had this issue a while ago, and thought it was fixed.

We didn’t even know that you ‘had’ to be logged in just one place (either CF or the app).

You just realized/hacked the issue, by realizing that you must log out of one platform, to log into the another.

Thanks for that! Means a lot :slight_smile:

We’ll get right into it.

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