Confused about projects

I created a new board with the Project Planning template and using the demo data to see how it works. It loaded the demo content including three projects, each with task lists. I can’t find any way to create new projects. How is that done?

Also, there’s a second folder on the left column named Projects that has five tables named “Project Status”. The bottom three each have a row for one of the three projects and the top two have no rows in them. They have the status tags Planned and In progress, but don’t list the tasks that are marked with those status tags on the Current Tasks folder. Shouldn’t they sync there from the task list? And they Waiting status table has an item in it that isn’t in the task list. Can someone explain how to use this folder view?

Hello @ejtischler, welcome to the community! I believe you chose a pretty complex template to get started. :slight_smile:

This is a great template but it is created for a bit more advanced use. This is because it heavily relies on the use of our Reference attribute which is, in my honest opinion, a bit more advanced functionality. Let’s say it belongs in the second lesson of Infinity, but you first need to learn the basics. :slight_smile:

I would like to invite you to schedule a demo call with us where someone from the team could walk you through the tool, explain the basics and then go through this specific template and the Reference attribute.