Copy views to another folder and to top-level overview

I would like to be able to copy a single View/Tab to another Folder and to the top-level Overview.

Right now I work around this by copying the entire folder containing a (set of) view(s) without content, delete the views I don’t want and move the content of the folder – to which I would have liked to have the view(s) to be copied to – to this copied folder. But then I loose the usuable views of the folder that originally holded the content.

For copying Views/Tabs to the Overview I have no trick at the moment.

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Hey again @ton!

Thanks for opening this topic.

I see where does your need to ‘save’ a Tab/View structure come from. I could see a potential solution in saving the custom setup (call it a template) and transferring it to another folder, but I think that would take us some time to create.

Duplicating that specific folder (which contains a desired Tab/View you wish to copy) is one of the solutions, yes. But then, you need to spend some time deleting existing, as well as transferring(or creating new) data.

I think that the option to just recreate a Tab/View in the older folder is a better one. If I’m seeing this from the right angle, and you’re mainly focusing on structure, rather than specific data?

Yes, I’m focusing on the structure of the View, not on the data.

Recreating a Tab/View in the older folder is not a solution. Since I would like to keep some Views exactly the some on different levels of:

  • the overview
  • the folder
  • the child folder

Right now, this means that I must adjust the view on each level: I must do the same change 3 times. Which is a lot of work. Therefore copying the structure of the view is the solution. I my opinion.

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