Copying Boards?

Hello! I am an attorney and CPA. I administer a lot of estates. I created a board that includes all the basic steps in an Estate administration and labeled is “Estate Administration Template.” I had hoped to just copy that board, rename it with the decedent’s name, invite their family to the board, and use Infinity to keep the family up to date on what was upcoming, what I was doing, what I had done, etc. I even put copies of documents in my first estate administration board so the family could see and download the information. Works great! There’s just one tinsy-tiny problem: It does not appear that I can easily just copy my board template and reuse it. It looks like I will have to re-invent the wheel every time. Is that correct? Major bummer if so.

Hi Betty, what you want is to create your own templates. This is actually being developed right now and at 60% progress. So it should not take too long to arrive.
Vote for it here

Hello @betty! I second what @micck mentioned, this feature should be implemented soon hopefully.

However, you can also create your board, set it up however you need it, and name it ‘Template’ for example. Then you can duplicate that board (with or without items) whenever you need it again. I’m not sure if that’s what you tried to do in the first place?

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