Couldn't delete an item

I tried to delete an Item from a Board. Normally we do this by clicking the X in the item box. But this time, the item didn’t go away. It blinked, then stayed in place.

I refreshed the web page - no help. Still couldn’t delete the item.
Finally I left the board, opened a different Board, then came back to the first one. THEN I was able to delete the rogue Item.

The item was created by another team member, not me. Does this make it harder to delete?

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I’m not sure if it’s the same issue but I wasn’t able to move items around (like different folder). Logging out & in helped. Maybe it was a caching issue?


I can’t reproduce it on my end. Can you make a screenshot when it happens?

If it’s not hard for you, one thing could really help us identify the bug when it happens only in some situations:

  • Open a developer console in Chrome/Mozzila by right click and ‘Inspect’
  • Click on a Console tab
  • Screenshot the error ( red line ) and attach it here

I’ve never done that, but happy to try. I normally use Safari - does it have a developer console, too?