Count days formula



I’m trying to look for a formula to count days between today and a specific date. Is there a formula for that?

Thank you so much.



Hi @ehnmm

Yes, that is possible, you can use Days formula and use 2 different date attributes in order to calculate the difference between them.

For example start date (which is going to be your todays date) and end date attribute, then use Days(end date, start date) which will give you a number of days between those two specific dates.

Here’s how that would look in infinity:

Hopefully that helps, remember - you can always find info about formulas and a whole list of them in our help center.

There’s a whole other case if you use today() formula within this use case - this can be used for counting overdue days or similar, but I am not sure if you were looking for that, so I won’t go into details for now.

Cheers :crossed_fingers: :wave: