Country List Drop Down Missing

We have a form we are running at our organization, and what is required for a form is a country dropdown list?

But we can not find a way to do this. We tried importing a list from a CSC to an attribute, using labels but it’s limited to 50 labels.

There does not seem to be a way to have a drop-down list in the forms?

In what ways can we add a country list drop list?

Hello @robbie, welcome to the community!

Indeed, while importing labels are limited to 50 tags per label. :confused: However, you should be able to add more manually, but I’m not sure if this would work since you’d need to add quite a few countries manually.

For this use case, perhaps a Text field would work better considering our Label attribute is not adjusted for this particular purpose.

I don’t understand how Infinity can be so limited in this area. I also want to have a dropdown field withe way more than 50 options. A list of countries - be more precise 196

This post is old. Have we seen some progress in this area?