Create an option to close the right-side panel of an item when switching to another folder

Please create an option so that when moving from one folder to another, the right-side panel from the item viewed in a previous folder, automatically closes to remove that panel’s view from the next folder we open.

The current default behavior of the panel remaining open until we manually close it, is hugely valuable and convenient for comparing and/or referencing an item from a previously viewed folder to items in another folder. The default behavior is also extremely useful as a “placeholder”.

That the panel remains open by default when moving to another folder isn’t a problem. The problem is that we can’t change this behavior and the only way it closes is manually, which becomes increasingly tedious. Until we close it, the most recently viewed right-side panel automatically remains in the view of every folder we open thereafter. This is not always practical nor desirable.

I think Infinity desperately needs an option to allow users to switch the behavior of the right-side panel between “Close automatically” and “Remain open” when moving from one folder to another (ideally via an easily accessible quick-toggle button). An excellent place for this new quick-toggle button is inside the panel on the top right side (next to the other panel control buttons, and the team member search and count of members shared icons).

Creating this option would give users easy access to the best of both worlds in using the right-side panel when moving between folders: compare/reference/placeholder or automatically being removed from view.

I see that the right-side panel is now by default set to close when moving from one folder to another. Fantastic!

Next we need the choice to keep the panel open so we can use it to compare and reference, and as a placeholder. Will you please set it up so we can also enable it to stay open when moving from one folder to another?

Can you give us the best of both worlds?!

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Hey @chrish,

Thanks for the suggestions.

I like the idea to have a button which will enable you to keep the sidebar open or for it to automatically close.

It’s in the suggestion log.

However, did I understand you wrong, that at some point, you want two sidebars to be opened? That’d be impossible, I think, but it would be awesome :slight_smile:

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@coa Thanks, that’s great. I look forward to it being implemented!

No for two sidebars, I was only referring to having one sidebar open at a time.

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