Create Custom Templates

There is some project that happens semi-regularly.

I want a way to quickly add these again for:

  • Checklist: These can be a regular list like a traveling list or when you have something needed to be published and there is a lot of steps that are important.

  • Folders: You might have a few standard attributes that you want to have in certain project and others in another project. Ability to quickly add those without needing doing that every time would save a lot of time.

  • Items in a folder: Same as a checklist but a bigger scale with a checklist attached to items.

  • And more…

You could have this when you create a new folder the “Chose a view Type” window. There is a lot of space on that to add this.

Hey @JaY,

Thanks for taking the time to suggest this.

Hmm, regarding the attributes: You can always reuse them from other folders. (You’ll see the windows of all attributes once you click on the ‘Add new attribute’ button).

Another cool way of creating custom templates in Infinity (right now) is the duplicate folder feature. Once you click on the three dots next to the folder, you’ll see the option to duplicate your folders with / without items in them. I think that’d be beneficial for you. :slight_smile:

Also, regarding the new folder options: We’ll push those changes alongside templates in the coming days. We’ve had a couple of problems, but they’re being finalized and I think you’ll love them :slight_smile:

Cheers! All the best.