Create folder with custom name in automation


Automation has been a great addition to Infinity. However, one of the most limiting aspects for me is that the “create folder” action is only able to create a folder with a predefined name. It doesn’t help much when you need to execute several times the same automation, as you cannot create a different folder each time (except if you force duplicate folders with the same name). Am I missing something or doing anything wrong? For example, I’d love to create folders for new items based on the content of one of their label attributes or to split items per month of creation or month of last update, or things like that. It would require that instead of forcing a folder name in the “create folder” action, it could contain the value of some existing attribute or to admit arguments as part of the given name (something like “Activities created on %m”, being %m the value of the month of the creation date).
As I said, it may be simply that I am not understanding the value proposition of the “create folder” action. My apologies if this is the case.

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Hi @joan.aranda :wave:

Hey, thank you for the detailed explanation and we are most certainly going to release new actions and triggers in the future which will allow you to create variable / dynamic dates, that should also come with names and many other aspects. :crossed_fingers:

The idea with this release is to get the initial reaction, see and analyze what our users need the most, how many automations they are going to create and use, besides that our goal is also to get all the possible feedback and use cases our users want to achieve and with that we wanted to create an action plan for the future updates and improvements. :rocket:

Some of the most requested ones are:

  • webhook(s)
  • dynamic date
  • duplicating items / folders
  • emails (send email)
  • recurring items (which is another automation on its own, we are not counting “every time period” as a workaround)

I do agree with you that creating folder with just one “static” name, wouldn’t help in this case. We may ask questions like this “how do I create folders for each month of the year?” -> this, currently, wouldn’t be possible at the moment, as your names would be the same (“static”). Something has to chance, we need to introduce new possibilities or options for the folder name. This was already given us as a feedback and we’ll be discussing. (something like variable names, take it from somewhere else, from the date, label or similar).

We are already working on some of the things mentioned above and in the future you can expect us to release and update you guys on everything we have improved, designed and released :slight_smile:

Cheers :beers:

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This is great news, @marko . Certainly it is good to start with the basics and learn and build on top of that. You certainly took the right approach. In case it helps, I’ll tell you which is my first automation priority right now. I’m probably not going to work on automation until this is available because this is my biggest limitation with Infinity nowadays: automating either the destination folder based on the name of a label, or automatically assign a value to a label with the name of the folder where I create an entry. The reason is that folders are great to categorize stuff but are not as powerful as labels for filtering and categorization. If I can automate the relationship between folders and labels, somehow I can build a model with the best of both worlds.

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Hey @joan.aranda :wave:

Thank you for sharing your use case with us, it will definitely help!

Having specific use cases that people want to achieve is one of the best (if not the best) ways to understand what is needed or what is important to our users.

Of course, I’ll come back here if we release something that might be valuable for you!

Thank you :pray: