Create new board action with Zapier


I would love to have triggers in other apps feed data into Zapier and I could then use that data in Zapier to create new boards in a certain workspace.

My use-case is this: When I’m on-boarding a new client, I would love for their first payment to trigger a zap in Zapier that creates a new board in a certain workspace. And Zapier would use the company name that was captured to be the title of the new board.



Hey @braxton,

That is, indeed a cool suggestion.

I’ll make sure to create a ticket.

However, I have to say that first, we’ll need to solve some of the bugs we have on Zapier, and then focus on improvements :slight_smile:

Thank you very much.



Thank you for this! I am loving your product and I know bugs just come with the territory. Thank you for the work that you do.

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Please do the Zapier integration.



Hello, is Zapier integration already working in production? If yes, where can I access details(documentation) for the same?

Also want to know if it’s possible to trigger some actions within boards. For eg: If a close a sub-task in a board, I want the status of the parent task to also update automatically. Is this possible or in the roadmap of the product?

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hey guys!

Zapier has been available as a beta for around a year:

We’re currently in the process of making it official/live.



Hi @coa - Just wanted to bump this as it’s been a while.

Is there any progress on this idea?