Create new item via API

hey there, we just infinity yesterday and i’m the one who’s making the stuff work.

Right now, i’m trying to remake an integration i did with and trello via api.

Right now, i’m having trouble setting up the body payload, as i get error 422. My json body goes like this:

“folder id”: “GZBMK2AaW3t”,
{“attribute_id”: “20007f69-6116-42e5-9dcc-3a99f6eda329”,
“data”: “test”

That i need to fix to make it create a new item. Also, as a second related question, i need to know how to add more attributes to that json.

I’m not a pro dev yet so, i really need help here.


Hello @mdinoto! For API-related questions, I believe the best solution is to speak to our dev team directly. Could you reach out to our support team so we can get your email and invite you to the API board when the dev team will answer your question directly and help you out? :slight_smile:

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