CSV files import to existing boards

Is there a way to bulk add items to an existing board? I routinely have to add in 50-100 tasks at one time in a month and want to keep them all on the same board. Can I bulk load with CSV?

Yes, there is a way to do it:
You can bulk load a csv into a new subfolder.
Then you check the toggle switch “Subfolder items” in the upper right corner. This will then show all items from the subfolders also in the main folder.


Import to a new folder and then drag and drop (one at a time unfortunately) from the new folder to yours

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Thanks @micck :slight_smile:

That is right.

BTW. Multiple select and bulk actions are one of the top voted features on our roadmap, and it’s about time for the first review and planning based on the roadmap.

Ability to import from a CSV and map fields to custom attributes would be amazing!