CSV import doesn't work?


Tried to upload 1000 rows, only uploaded 48?

What are the restrictions on csv importing???



Same here. CSV import doesn’t seemed to work. I upload my csv file. Only the headings are showing. Data below the headings are not showing. How does it work?



Hey guys @remco.plasmeijer, @avg,

We’re currently having some trouble with .csv import.

The dev team is in the process of identifying the bug as we speak, and should start fixing it ASAP.

I’ll let you know when they’re done.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused, and thanks for your understanding!



My experience has been every row imported shows in triplicate. I can provide a couple of csv files if you aren’t seeing that issue.



I don’t understand how this large of a bug can end up in in your product? Has this actually ever worked? The “bug” seems very easy to identify? Infinity can’t handle anything larger than 1k rows reliably, obviously?

Is infinity still in alpha version? What’s the deal? Can we get a list of known issues? I wanted to invite some people to my boards to collaborate, but I’ve decided to postpone this until given more clarity about your application. As of now infinity has proven not to be a reliable party for my sensitive data.

Furthermore, no gantt release in november, failing to meet a deadline yet again. And somehow forms got released without a changelog update?



@remco.plasmeijer My csv imports work just fine. Imported 101 items a minute ago.
And yes, infinity is still developing, but not in alpha from my point of view. The deal actually is that you get access for a very reasonable price so you can be part of the development process by giving feedback and sharing ideas in a positive manner. This gives you the ability to shape the product to better meet your needs.
I think the team has done a great job on creating what is already there and I´m confident they will deliver what they plan and communicate. Maybe not in the time frames they estimate, but nobody is perfect. I can relate to you being frustrated if you want it to happen quicker. I´d love to have some things already built in, too. But in a small team, limited funds and that bunch of workload, there´s no way to do everything at once, as well as to always please everyone. You have to set priorities and adjust them according to life.
My suggestion for you is to check infinity from time to time if it has improved on what you need to be reliable for your sensitive data.
And isn´t it great they released the form view and instead of wasting time with a changelog update they go on working on the gant view, which will probably be live soon as it´s the last one in the coming soon section now missing?



CSV upload with large row data is very slow. I uploaded csv file Table with 3000 row. Each time you scroll down 15 rows, it took more than 1 minute. And when you reach scrolling at the LAST ROW, it took several minutes. And if you try to do it again from the start (scrolling from first row to last row), the same thing happen. Still slow. It’s not cache in a way… then the PAGE just went WHITE SCREEN inside Chrome browser (Page Unresponsive Error) Comes back after several minutes. But still hangs up. I noticed that CSV upload with 3,000 row data causes the APP to hang up several time when you start to scroll down the table. But if you do not access the board with that uploaded CSV file, APP is running ok.

Let’s just wait for the fix. It may take a while. Happy with the cool updates coming! :blush:

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I disagree with all your points.

Quality certainly feels like an alpha at this point.

Nowhere am I being sold being “part of dev process”.

I’m not sure why you think their workload is high.

I’d rather have a transparent chsngelog than guessing what is happening. Writing a chsngelog takes a whole 5 minutes.

Who are you anyway? Are you staff? Or are you just speaking for them??



I am a human being and am solely speaking for my self. Thanks for asking so kindly.



Ah ok, I wasn’t sure




If you could tell us your use case, and why do you need 10-20k of items, maybe we could help out with a custom solution, as we haven’t received a similar request for now.

If you want to know that just for the sake of numbers, we are not focusing on that right now. Some other features which we think are more valuable to most of the customers. Do you need some data store that is capable of storing thousands of records?

.csv import has been very challenging feature to build as it should cover literally thousands of different scenarios and use cases on how can members map their data, link their rows/columns to the attributes, etc.

We did mention that the .csv could be messy in the future, and I think our dev team is fixing and updating that feature every week, as every week we get a new use case and a problem we need to solve.

Just one of the reasons why our workload is a mess.

Updating current features, fixing bugs/issues, building new features, web development, payment details, etc.

Marketing + Community + Product (suggestions/reporting bugs) + Support + Sales team is a team of 3 people.

So there’s obviously a workload, and I’m sorry if we’re missing something out.

I’ve published an update on our Social Media pages regarding Public Boards & Forms.

We’ve optimized the speed and performance of the app 2 months ago, and we’ll continue to do so, that’s not even a question. As it’s almost the end of the year, we’re finishing stuff up, features we’re almost done creating, after which there will be new priorities, in which speed + performance improvements, discussions about csv import, integrations, automations, webhooks, etc will take place.

And @micck is a community member of ours. I’ve got a vibe that you’re confused that we have members that use our product and support us? I’m not. :slight_smile: And neither is Michael, obviously.



I use it to view inside Infinity the Website SEO Audit reports, Ahref, SEMrush data… but it’s optional on my part. I can upload the huge rows of data anyway and view on Google Sheets. :ok_hand:

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Same experience here… It takes a very long time on a PC or a Mac to load the data i you do have a lot of columns and items like in a CVS. On the other hand it’s quite a different experience on an iPad or iPhone! However, since I mainly work with PC and Mac in my daily work, I need an improvement in performance on these platforms to integrate Infinity into my daily work or to use it as the basis for my workflow. Since I like Infinity very much and I see great potential for the development of this app, I am sure that the Infinity team will find a solution to this challenge in the future. You can’t do everything at once, but I’m confident it won’t take that long. I will keep an eye on the development and wish the Infinity team a few relaxing holidays and good luck for the year 2020. Keep it up!
Best regards



Sorry, how do I actually do an import. I was going to request it as a feature than saw this thread. Could not find a video on it. Thanks



Hey @beknownrocket,

You can create a new folder in a single board, and you should see an option ‘Import from CSV’ in the ‘Import’ section on the right-hand side of the screen.

@holger.ruoss Thanks for everything. You rock!