CSV Import: Multiple Labels Confusion

When I import data from CSV, if I have multiple labels (comma separated), the first value in the label list is applied to every item, and the next label that is supposed to be attributed to the item is also added, but none of the others.

e.g. My labels have John, Jill, and Jack as values. For Jim (my first Item) I have John and Jill as labels. For Jane, I have Jill and Jack as labels. After I import, Jim only has John, and Jane has John and Jill as labels. Jack is a label, but not added to Jane. Jill is also not attributed to Jim.

Hey @BaiJie,

Thanks for reporting this issue.

Me right now:


JK, this issue is reported and we’re going to fix this ASAP.

hey @BaiJie,

Can you send me the file (if it’s not highly confidential) to my email address, so we can test it?