Custom Row/Record Height

I want the ability to increase row height so that i can by default see more of the content contained within a record at a glance.

Airtable currently has this

I’m adding a major +one for this!


Hey peeps!

This is currently in our suggestions queue, and it will be in the Roadmap, ready for votes! :slight_smile:


Awesome! Bring it on with this roadmap!

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Just wondering if what is in the pipeline also includes the row height of the column headings? Airtable has sizes of columns you could choose from (small medium large) but it does not include the column heading. It would be AWESOME if you could adjust this so that you can have two rows of text on the column title/heading instead of having one long one. If you have a table that is really long horizontally, this would save space (if the items that you put in the column aren’t as long as the heading, which is often the case with our information).

Also, instead of doing it like Airtable, I would like to see you be able to adjust only the rows that you want to. I don’t always want ALL of my rows to be large. It would be nice, like in Excel where you can adjust the size of each row individually! Then you could adjust only the rows that have more lines of text.


hey @BrandiMills97,

i’ll make sure to add the details you’ve mentioned to the suggestion ticket.

i highly second that! :slight_smile: it would be amazing to edit each row individually


Ideally you would have both. An initial default layout to over write everything and then the ability to manually customise row height for the ones you want. Also an option to auto size row height to fit the contents would be a nice one.