Customize Column Type

Please could you consider allowing for a Column to be reformatted into a different type?

At the moment, if I want to change the type of column, let’s say from a Text Field to a Phone Number, I have to delete the column and start a new one, which would lose all the information contained in that column. (Am I missing something?)

I am switching from Airtable due to the pricing, and this is the only comparison I have… See screenshot

Thanks, Cedric!

Hey @cedric.vanduyn,

That’s a valid point, I see and understand the need for it.

I can say that I will forward this suggestion to the team, but I’m not sure if that’d be an easy thing to do, as our attributes have a ‘fixed’ choice/format of input (for example Email needs @ .com, etc.).

However, I’ll create a suggestion ticket and see where are we with this.

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