Dark-Mode not working (Desktop App)

Since yesterday’s Update (22.2.7) the Theme-Switch in the Desktop-App do not work anymore. I can select any Value, but it’s always in Light-Mode.
In the Web-App it works normally and as intended.

I’m using DesktopApp v1.1.0 on macOS 13.3.1

I too am having this issue, running Windows 10/11.
It happens on several PC’s I own & use, seemingly without rhyme nor reason.
The web app still displays dark mode, but not the windows app.

The windows app is a big part of why I selected infinity; I’m sick of everything being web-based.
Please fix!

Hey there @strativourakis :wave:

Thanks for posting this here, I’ve tested the desktop app on my side (mac os) and it works just fine both light and dark mode (same goes with web app), I also hopped on my pc (windows 10) to see if anything is really going on, however - i concluded that it all works just fine.

Could you please reach out to our support and send them a video or a few screenshots where things are not as they are supposed to be.

(light mode)

(dark mode)

Also, it would be great if you could tell us if you downloaded our latest app from Download Infinity to Your Desktop | Infinity ?