Data disappearing

I’m doing a simple table with names, email addresses, and phone numbers. Two issues are arising. First, if I enter data into a field, then click to add a line, the data in the field I just entered is erased. I have to add the data, tab or click out of the field, then add the line. Second, random cells of data are simply disappearing. An entry will be there one minute, blank the next. A database that erases your data is pretty much useless.


That might be because you’re using an adblocker on your browser. When I’ve started using Infinity, I’ve faced the same issue, which disappeared after disabling ublock. I’ve observed the same behavior both on Chrome and Firefox.


Hey @richard.robinette

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I’m sorry that this has occurred, but this is very strange.

Yes, like @jean-david mentioned, this could be a matter of adblocker (extensions).

It could also be a more problematic issue with data disappearing because of internet connection, or even server issues.

We’ve resolved all of these issues in the last 2 months, but again: I’d like to check.

Can you send/paste a quick video of the ongoing issue?

Don’t hesitate to reach out at any point.

Also, huge thanks @jean-david! And also feel free to post more in the community, I’m sure you’re gonna bring a huge value to the Infinity family :slight_smile:

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