Data Processing Agreement for GDPR compliance


If I want to use infinity for more than test data, I need a data processing agreement to be GDPR compliant. (When) Do you plan to offer such an agreement?



Hey @micck,

I’ve just created a question ticket for our CTO (who’s also expert in Security stuff), so I hope both you and I are gonna get an answer today/tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Talk to you soon!



Thank you @coa ,
Are there any news to this by now?



Hey @micck! So sorry for not getting back to you earlier.

The thing is we have dedicated Terms of Service + Privacy Policy pages which you can find of a good use.

Regarding the GDPR agreement: We’re offering the maximum support for all countries and regions right now, but to be fully GDPR compliant, we’ll need some more time.

If you’re skeptic about the data you’re inserting in our tool, let’s schedule a call with our CEO and Security Chief so we can cover everything you’re worrying about. :slight_smile:



Hey @coa ,
it´s not that I´m worried about anything or that I don´t trust the security and confidentiality of your company. It´s simply the regulation that obliges me to have such an agreement - at least as far as I know. Otherwise I´m not allowed to use your service for personal data of my clients.
I´ll check with my lawyer if your ToS and Privacy Policy are sufficient. This may take some time, but I will let you know. And maybe I can provide a template to you.

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Sounds good, @micck :slight_smile:

Thanks for your understanding!



Hey @coa ,
I had a meeting with my lawyer recently and he told me I definitely need a written and signed agreement to be GDPR compliant. He gave me a template I should share with you, so that we can make one up in case you don´t already provide one.
Can I schedule a call with the person responsible at infinity so we can work that out?

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Hey @micck!

Thank you for contacting your lawyer to check the details.

We’d love to work this out.

Make sure to ping Boka at Intercom Live Chat. She’ll work out it out with the CEO and tell you the next steps.



Thank you coa, I just did so.

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