Data Refresh button


I hope this one is relatively simple.
With multiple people from my team start to work on Infinity, I often found that the data on my screen is not the latest and I would need to reload the browser session in order to get the most updated data.

Could we have a “data refresh” button that updates the screen without reloading the whole page?
I assume this requires Infinity to track when my session was last updated and whether a certain portion of the data needs to be updated. But I am happy to just be able to refresh a tab/view instead of having all changes to the whole board.

Hey @j11,

What you’re talking about is a ‘Real-time Sync’.

It’s been a regular part of Infinity until a couple of days ago, until we’ve messed something up. So sorry for that!

We’re trying to fix the issue, and hopefully; we’ll resolve it soon.

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