Date calculations

Has anyone been able to enter a date and then have the system calculate a date 7 days out, 14 days out and 28 days out automatically in separate fields. system

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Hey Nelson,
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I could not find exactly what you were looking for, but something similar. Use workday:
Replace DATEFIELD with your date attribute you want to use.
This will calculate a date after usually 14 days (which are usually 10 workdays)

Syntax: WORKDAY(start_date, num_days, [holidays])
Explanation: Calculates the end date after a specified number of working days.

Maybe you can also build something complex using DATE:
Syntax: DATE(year, month, day)
Explanation: Converts a year, month, and day into a date.

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Thank you Micck.

That worked to perfection!

Too bad we can’t take it a step further at this point and conditionally format when the date exceeds the set parameters … I’m sure it’s coming soon.


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Does this functionality still exist, seeing as the same result can be achieved by automations?

Hey there @grazeme

Yes, this should still be possible with our formulas. While with our automations you can offset the date or update another date attribute (static, or offset it as well) based on a trigger → it all depends on your use case and what you want to do.

(Our formulas do not work with automations - I feel like that needs to be mentioned for now)

Cheers :v: