Date picker doesn't work in form-view

The date picker [pop-up] doesn’t work in my created forms.

Thanks, Martin

Hi @mede-lander and welcome to CF!

I have the same issue but I though it’s my iPad’s fault, it turns out it isn’t.

Funny thing, althoughoug the form doest take the date from date picker if you submit it, the date appears in other views

Thank you for your welcome.

OK, that’s a funny thing indeed! Can you fix it?

Thanks, Martin
The Netherlands

I’m only a fellow user but I hope @coa can help us :slight_smile:

Hey @mede-lander, @man,

Yup: We currently do have a bug with inserting Dates in Forms view when they are shared.

Our goal is to fix this by tomorrow.


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Thanks, the date-picker works fine.

The Netherlands

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