Default Date Attribute Value

There is a default for the checkbox attribute… Could we do that for the date as well? (eg Today, 1 week from today, the following Sunday, etc [but mostly today, haha])

Hey @BaiJie!

That is a great suggestion!

I’ll make sure to create a suggestion ticket and check with our developers whether that would be possible. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

EDIT: Something came up to my mind the moment I’ve pressed ‘Reply’.

Have you tried filtering out a certain view? We have an option to filter our the dates by selecting the ‘Today’ value.

Just some inspiration :sweat_smile:


I would appreciate using YYYY/MM/DD… But here in Taiwan they also use that format on and off… Depends on the person and the day haha

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I have used that filter, and it works great… I just start getting creative, and then I have too many different views haha