Deleted view keeps reappearing

In one folder I am not able to delete a view that I do not need. But every tie I open that folder again, the view appears again as the first default view. I removed my cache and all that, logged out and in again and tried a few other things but that view keeps coming back.
Any idea what that could be or is it a bug?

Just noticed that in another board this is also happening.

It’s a columns view called “Overview” and I just see it in another board that I created also where I only had one single table view. But now I keep getting this Overview tab again and again even after I deleted it.

Hey @scholvien,

You are opening a folder which has subfolders under it

That means that you’ll always have an ‘Overview’ which sort of represents our ‘Folder overview feature’ or combines the data from all the subfolders under that parent folder.

So basically Overview combines all the data from all subfolders (most probably grouped by ‘Source Folder’ which shows from which subfolder are coming which items).

I’ve suggested to the team some time ago that there should be an option to select whether you want for to show or hide ‘Overview’, but it might take some time.

@scholvien, What you can try and do for now is to move the Overview tab to the right (last position), so it won’t reappear on the first one as you delete it.

How does that sound?

That is what I have done now.
It happens only with nested folder sin the parent folder, right?
From your reply I think it is behaving as intended. I was just confused as it can be deleted first…but then appears again.