Desktop App Blank Screen


I downloaded the Desktop App for Windows. I’m running it on Windows 10. The file downloaded is “Infinity_1.0.2_Windows.exe” which is around 75 MB. After running the file, I get small green screen with green bars doing some animation. After that, the Infiniti logo pops up in the task bar. However, when I double-click on the logo in the task bar, all I get is a blank white window.



Hi hussainbh,
the fastest way to solve it, is to contact the chat support using the intercom in the lower right corner:



Hi @hussainbh thank you for joining our community forum, we hare happy to see you here :sunny: :partying_face:

When it comes to your issue, it’s a strange one and it shouldn’t be happening. Could you try doing this:

  1. Close the app by clicking on the X button.
  2. check your bottom right corner of your windows and see if the app is still running, if it is, make sure to right click on it and close it.
  3. Check your task manager and see if infinity app is in the processes, if it is, make sure to end it.

After that try running it again and see if it asks you to login or anything other than white screen.

If that does not work, I would also suggest reinstalling it.

Please do let us know if you manage to run it after doing everything I mentioned above. :pray:

Also, there’s a great tip from @micck whenever you encounter a problem or you are stuck somewhere for some reason, the best and the fastest way to get help is indeed through our live chat option in the bottom right corner. :v:



Hi Marko. Many thanks for the feedback. I tried the steps and no luck. Will follow Micck’s advice and report the bug through the live chat.



Hi @hussainbh

Alright, yes, it would be the best to contact our team via live chat - it’s the fastest way to get help!

Hopefully, this gets resolved soon for you!