Desktop app - option for minimise to tray vs close

As a user I would like to be able to close Infinity Desktop using the ‘X’ on the window.

Currently, when using the desktop app, any time I close it actually minimises to the notifications area. To close the app I must find the notification icon and ‘Quit Infinity’.

I can’t see any app settings to control this. Normally I would expect to find a ‘Close app / minimise to tray’ toggle.

Hi @jeremy :wave:

First of all, welcome to the community - we are stoked to have you here :tada:

You are correct, our app actually minimizes and if you want to close it completely - you would have to find it in the bottom right corner and right click on it to close it completely.

Improvement in the sense of adding the toggle option as you mentioned above could be the right way to solve this.

I’ll make sure to create an internal suggestion ticket for our team and see if this can be added at some point in the future. You can also suggest it via our public form (so that other users can vote for it as well).

Thank you for your request @jeremy :pray:

Cheers :v: