Desktop App Sort Issue - changes field descriptions - Critical for Data Trust

When I sorted my items in the desktop app, it appeared to change information in the fields. One particular Item description read one thing then the items were sorted, suddenly the description was different - it had the description of another item. I thought I was seeing things. I would go in to correct and sort and it happened again last night. The field had an associated item number so I know it was the same field. I decided not to correct and close my laptop until today. Today the issue is not there. The field has the correct description and I did not change it last night. I am not sure what is going on. I can’t produce at will but if I work on the desktop for a long period of time it seems to occur more often. OH, a refresh in the desktop app did not correct any issues. If it happens again, and I know it will, I will check to see it it changed on the website edition. I had not checked that yet.

I believe this to be critical. If I were doing this for my business app and it changed data (temporarily) I would lose trust in the data.