Desktop Safari problems

The Table view screen updates have been broken for some time now.
If the table has too many attributes and requires using the horizontal scroll bar to see the attributes on the right hand side, the table is somewhat messed up.

  1. Scrolling to the right: The row numbers are not shown until you moving the mouse over the table.
  2. Scrolling to the left: The row number column is displayed twice, overlapping the first content column, with some rows being blank, until you move the mouse over each row.

Those two were there for awhile but bearable.

  1. Now with the newly added “Pin” feature, the pinned columns behave as the row number columns. I have made a comment regarding this on the public roadmap but it doesn’t seem to have caught any attention.

Hello @j11, thanks for reporting this. I have notified the dev team and they will check it out and try to reproduce the issues.

If it’s ok, we will reach out to you if they have additional questions. Thank you!