Direct General & Task Based Chat Between Members

It would be great to see Direct Chat possibility between members.

And additionally it would be great if members can have task based chats too.

In today’s collaborative work culture, these are basic road blocks I think.

Hey @gosahd,

For now, we only have ‘Comments’ for individual tasks (items) in Infinity.

However, the plan is to build internal Chat feature at some point. I hope we can focus on that in the late 2020. :slight_smile:


This one is best of the 3 features I requested. Because it helps connect and communicate efficiently. Like just expand chat, select task, select user and chat. Even better if you can implement something like MS teams or’s threaded chats. Means all discussions are captured within infinity and chats are just texts and won’t consume any space of user quota.
Currently I’ll use Infinity tool for task management and then communicate via Skype, WhatsApp. This is reality for now.
With chat board or chat mechanism, users will have communication channels with their online status etc… that would make infinity really tool of 2020 that freely helps collaborate efficiently.


Great idea!

I second this. :slight_smile:


For sure. We have to use another tool to chat between members using direct messages or channels.
This addition will make our days more productive.