Disappearing "name" preview in "link" attribute used in table

when I’m adding links to the other folder, I used to have the “name” attr. visible while searching for it, but after editing it, it disappeared, co now I’ve got smth. like on the screen.ini%20-%20bug

Hi @Bartosz, could you tell me what you edited before this bug happened?

Don’t really remeber. For sure I’ve cleaned all attributes in table, leaving just text and deleted all reference attributes. Then created new text attr. or filled old one with text, and this’s happening. Now it doesn’t matter I create a new folder and create there new item with text attr. - when trying to use reference attr. it finds only blank space. What’s more, it can find the proper text when it’s typed and clicked, so the problem is only with visual representation.

I’ve made new folder, new attr., it worked with that. Then deleted old attr. that didn’t work in old folder, used new one in old folder and renamed it - all works as it should.
edit: nope, still does not work as it should. It looks like you can have only one TEXT attribute for whole board that can be seen in the “reference” view while adding one :confused:

I understand you partially, but would still like to get more details. I would like to see if maybe something got deleted that is causing this, or if it’s a bug indeed. Would you be up for a quick call tomorrow during the day so I could check out your board a bit and explore what could be the cause of the problem?

Sure, tomorrow it’s going to be pretty hard, but we can try.
It looks like you have to use ONE type of text attribute it you want to see it on the preview while useing “reference”, because other “text attributes” are being overlooked

attr. “Nazwa” was created as first, and it’s the one that is being find
attr. “Nazwa2” was created later, but preview cannot find it… when added attr “Nazwa”, it can find it, but just by attr “Nazwa”


Hey Bartosz, the thing is that the first text attribute is considered ‘Name’ of the item and this will be the main reference point. In other words, you are referencing to an item, but you can’t reference to another attribute.

If you wish, we can meet any day you’re free. :slight_smile: Here’s where you can schedule a call: https://calendly.com/startinfinity/30min