Discussions, Kanban board, Documents?

Hello, the infinity customisation flexibility seems overwhelming to me… maybe someone can help me to search in the right direction?

In order to manage webprojects with my customers I would basically need three features, and I wonder if Infinity can be customized accordingly:

  • Discussions

  • Kanban Board

  • Document Management

To discuss requirements, issues, change management etc we would need some kind of forum with a list of threads.

When a decision is taken to do any specific work, then we need a kanban board where each activity can be defined and moved to a column: to do, in progress, finished, archived

We need to be able to share documents and to organize them in folders or with tags.

So when I start a project, I would like to be able to invite team members and clients to the project and then have just these three areas: discussion, progress board, documents.

Can this be done with Infinity and do you know of any tutorials or documentation which could give me a jump start to configure this in the best way?

Thanks for any advice!

Hello and welcome @Oliver!

I think you can definitely do this inside Infinity.

You would be able to do so by having one board per project and then each board/project would have three folders: Discussion, Tasks and Documents.

In the Discussion, each item can be one topic and then in the comments you can have a discussion with your team members. Similar to how our Public Roadmap works: https://startinfinity.com/roadmap

In the Tasks, each item would be one task and you can have labels for To Do, In Progress, Finished. And you can also have one more label for Archived, or you can even have a separate folder for the archived items for each month so you can keep track of that as well.

Finally, you can have one folder for Documents where each item would be one document with only the fields you need - for example, Name, Attachment, Description - and then an item would basically be:

Name: The Marketing Strategy eBook
Description: This is a short eBook which explains the basics of marketing strategy
Attachment: (the pdf of the eBook)

This is just a very basic explanation of how your workflow can look. But I would really like to also invite you to jump on a demo call with us where we can brainstorm this together and explain this in more detail and on real examples. :slight_smile:

This is where you can schedule the call if you’d like: https://startinfinity.com/demo

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Thanks a lot for the elaboration! I’m trying to implement this now and if more questions arise, I will gladly accept your offer to schedule a call. Great!

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I’ve been using Infinity for couple weeks now and quite a few times I thought I really wanted to have folder-specific discussions - similar to the comment section within each item, only for FOLDERS. This way collaborators’ global discussion would belong to the whole folder, independently from the more specific, item-related discussions. Especially given the killer-feature nature of the nested structure of Infinity (which I totally fell in love with, btw).
Thank you for doing the amazing job.

Hi @Oliver, glad I could help a bit. :slight_smile:

Hello @5555dimitri! When it comes to your question, this is actually on our roadmap already, you can check it out and vote for it here.

It is still in the Planning column since it’s not such a ‘popular’ request but we definitely plan to add this option in the future. :slight_smile: