Document upload folder template

It would really be nice to have a dedicated file folder upload section that was standalone per project that everyone within the project could view and access.

Could also be a template as well which would have its own dedicated page or section that displayed all files pertaining to that project.

Hey @ryan.s,

Huh. Okay, I’m just trying to figure out the idea behind this.

Technically, you can have a separate folder that will serve only as attachments (combine with attachments attribute + kanban (columns) view for the good-looking preview).

Is the problem of ‘recreating’ that folder in all the boards an issue here?

Or maybe a “File” view, where are shown all the items with attachments and the attachments preview are given focus?

I migrated over here from proofhub which has one of the best file systems for project management ive seen from any other software. Maybe this will kind of give you guys ideas or help simplify what I mean by dedicated per project file folders.

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Thank you @ryan.s!

It’s definitely useful (I hate file hunt nightmare), but I guess to provide enough flexibility a “container” for files/documents should be per folder with an option to see all files from a board in the board/folder overview.

(I’m not sure if I’m writing comprehensively at this time of the day)

I think just a direct and simple way dedicated to file management would be key. Having to figure out a way to do it I think would be to hard for most people trying to migrate here to this software.

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