Does CRM have a place to not calls?

Since this has a CRM piece, where can my employees note what conversations they had with the custom, date, what was said, the time they called, etc

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Interesting question, it all really depends on how you are organized right now and how you are keeping track of each individual call.

If you have a separate folder called “calls with customers” in there you can create items that will contain everything you mentioned above.

For example, each item would be a call with a customer, so the name attribute would contain name of the customer you had a conversation with.

Second attribute could be our long text attribute which you can name “details” or “description” in which you can store a larger amount of text, explaining what questions were asked during the call, what the topic was and so on.

Other attributes you can include are date attributes, you can use it to note exactly when the call took place, for the duration of the call you can use our number attribute.

If you recorded the call, you can use our attachment attribute to upload that file as well.

You can also use our “members” attribute in order to know exactly who did the call, what agent or employee.

Besides that, you can always use comments sections as well and leave an update there - however, that might not be 100% professional. ( besides that comments do not export, if you need to do so in the future).

An example of what I mentioned above would look like this:

I hope this helps at least a little bit! :v: